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About us


Welcome to Diabetes Diet Guy

Mark is an advanced specialist in diabetes and weight loss. Originally graduating with honours in sport and exercise science, Mark honed his skills working primarily as a personal trainer between 2005-2014. 

Between 2011 and 2014 Mark subsequently trained as an accredited dietitian and has since specialised in weight management, bariatrics and now diabetes.

Mark also works closely with pharmaceutical partners featuring on numerous education events. He is a member of the committee updating national diabetes guidelines and is the diabetes specialist at a major NHS teaching hospital. 


How Mark can help you:

  • Type 2 diabetes management strategies

  • Weight loss

  • Lifestyle change

  • Exercise and diet plans

  • Type 1 diabetes insulin management strategies

  • Type 3 diabetes management

  • Gestational diabetes diet

  • Bariatric surgery

  • Reactive hypoglycaemia

The Process

We work on a 1:1 basis but also offer plenty of free education. Check out our free courses and Youtube channel using the links above. 

You can book on for a pay as you go basis, which is typically more suited for people who want answers to specific questions, or join one of our programmes. Our programmes are better suited for people who want to make a real difference to their diabetes and health. We work with you providing up to daily support if necessary. Check out our services page for more info. 

To get in touch use the form below in the footer. 

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